Velvet Valentine Bear Crochet Pattern: Snuggly Amigurumi Gift, Customizable Color Options & Plush Bernat Yarn

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  • Time: 1-3 hr
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"Velvet Valentine Bear Crochet Pattern: A Plush Companion for Loving Moments"

Gift a hug that lasts with our Velvet Valentine Bear Crochet Pattern. This endearing teddy bear, with its plush Velvet texture, is not just for Valentine's Day but a snuggly present for any day you want to show your affection. The pattern offers you the flexibility to personalize your bear in any of the sumptuous shades from our Velvet collection. Adorned with a contrasting crochet heart, this bear is sure to win hearts and become a cherished keepsake.

Material Notes: Ensure you have all the necessary supplies to start and finish your cuddly creation:

  • Size U.S. H/8 [5 mm] crochet hook to bring your bear to life
  • 9mm safety eyes for a charming gaze
  • Black safety nose for that quintessential teddy bear look
  • Stuffing to give your bear its huggable shape
  • Tapestry needle for neat and secure stitching

Sizing Notes: It's crucial to achieve the right size for that perfect cuddle. Our pattern includes details on creating a gauge swatch to ensure your bear measures up to the intended plush dimensions.

Finished Measurements: Your finished Velvet Valentine Bear will stand approximately 11" [28 cm] tall, the perfect size for cozy embraces.

Pattern Care: Love goes into every stitch, so follow these care instructions to keep your teddy as fresh as new:

  • Do not bleach, to maintain the vibrant color
  • Skip the dry cleaning; this bear prefers a gentle touch
  • Ironing is unnecessary; this bear is naturally wrinkle-free
  • Hand wash in cool water to keep the fabric soft and cuddly
  • Remove excess water gently and dry flat to preserve the shape

Embrace the joy of crafting with the Velvet Valentine Bear Crochet Pattern and surprise someone special with a bear that's as soft to the touch as it is warm in sentiment.

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