Airy Photo Presets: Ethereal Instagram Makeover + Influencer-Approved Aesthetics + Seamless Lightroom Integration + One-Click Photo Transformation + Dreamy Vsco Vibes + Ultimate Social Media Boost

  • Mobile Lightroom (Adobe)
  • Desktok Lightroom (Adobe)
  • DNG Files
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Elevate Your Photos with Airy Lightroom Presets: Perfect for the modern influencer or photography enthusiast, our pack of presets brings an ethereal quality to every shot, optimizing them for a standout Instagram feed.


  • 📸 10 Airy Mobile Lightroom Presets (Delivered as DNG files for instant use)
  • 💻 10 Desktop Lightroom Presets (For those who love editing on a bigger screen)
  • 📄 Easy-to-Follow Instruction Manual: Even if you're new to Lightroom, our guide makes the process simple.
  • 🔵 Broad Compatibility: These presets aren't just for iPhones; Android users can beautify their shots too. And if you're on desktop, Adobe Lightroom (PC/Mac) has you covered.

INSTALL IN A SNAP ✨ Your journey to stunning photos is just a few taps away. Here's how:

  1. Head over to 'Your Account'.
  2. Dive into 'Purchases and reviews' and spot your order.
  3. Give 'Download Files' a click to the right of your order.
  4. Once downloaded, each DNG file is ready to grace your Lightroom Mobile app.
  5. Upload the DNG as an image and click the three dots at the top right.
  6. By selecting 'Create Preset', the magic begins. Save the preset for future edits and elevate every image you capture.

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