Non-Traditional Cursive Practice: Fluidity & Creativity - The Modern Approach to Lettering and Artful Journaling

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Cursive Practice Digital Workbook (Non-traditional Style)

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About this Workbook: This unique cursive practice workbook offers a fresh approach to mastering cursive – it's not the traditional style you might recall from school. Rather than a continuous flow of connected letters, this style encourages lifting your pen between strokes, paving the way for fluidity and creativity in your lettering. If you're familiar with brush lettering, you'll find this monoline bouncy cursive style resonates closely. A background in traditional cursive might be helpful, but it's not a requirement to enjoy and benefit from this guide.


  • Guided instruction with color cues: To ease the transition of lifting your pen, color changes have been integrated into both letter and word sections. When the color shifts, that's your cue to pick up your pen!
  • Comprehensive content: The workbook covers both lowercase and uppercase letters, along with 26 empowering words, days of the week, months of the year, common letter variations, and handy reference pages.
  • Print and Practice: This PDF is tailored for personal use. Feel free to print as many copies as you'd like to refine your skills. For eco-friendly practice, tracing paper comes highly recommended, minimizing the need for frequent reprints.

Dive into the world of modern cursive with this engaging workbook, and let your lettering journey begin!

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