Highres iOS Icon Bundle: Pink Polka Dot Design + Customizable Widgets + Chic Wallpapers for Personalized iPhone Aesthetics

  • IOS 14 AND UP
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Highres Pink Polka Dot iOS Icon Bundle: Elevate Your Phone's Aesthetics!

Dive into a world of delicate pinks and playful polka dots with our high-resolution app icon pack. Designed especially for those who love a blend of chic and charm, this bundle allows you to personalize your iPhone effortlessly, making it uniquely yours.

Receive your icon bundle instantly upon purchase.

What's Inside the Bundle?
152 Distinctive Pink Icons: Elevate each app with a touch of whimsy. ✿ 18 Versatile Filler Icons: For a consistent and seamless look. ✿ Variety of Widgets: A curated mix of small, medium, and large widgets to suit every need. ✿ 8 Themed Wallpapers: Crafted to complement your new app icons perfectly. ✿ Easy Installation: A step-by-step how-to video linked in the included PDF to guide you.

Essential Apps for Installation:
For an optimal experience, you'll need the Shortcuts app and WidgetSmith (or a similar widget application).

Crafted exclusively for iPhone iOS 14 and subsequent versions.

🛍️ Please Note:

  • As this is a digital product, we cannot process refunds post-purchase.
  • The bundle is for personal use only. Redistribution, reselling, or claiming ownership is strictly prohibited.

Make your iPhone an extension of your style with the Highres Pink Polka Dot iOS Icon Bundle. Happy customizing!

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